Axe Throwing at FMJ

An Activity That's Always on Target

Axe Throwing at FMJ

Don't Bury the Hatchet: THROW IT!

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Axe throwing - or hatchet throwing - has taken the country by storm. Gather your friends and head down to Full Metal Jacket Gun Range for an afternoon of axe-citing fun. An activity that has been around for centuries, axe throwing has regained popularity and many people are stopping by the Range to practice their skills. In fact, your visit to our facility can be a solo trip or group event - a social as you'd like it to be!

Axe throwing in a controlled environment with experienced staff is a safe and incredibly fun activity for families and friends. Ages 10 and Up.

What to Expect

We provide everything you need to have a great time.

Within the lanes, there will be a target with concentric circles. Your job is to throw your hatchet and hit the target. You will earn points depending on where the axe sticks in the target.

Scoring Area of Axe:
The axe head, blade and cheek up to the front of the eye but not past it.
If there is no visible eye of the axe in the top of the axe head then it counts as where the handle would meet if going straight through. To be determined by the official presiding over the match.

The black line awards points associated with the ring:
•6 points for the bullseye.
•4 points for the 2nd ring.
•3 points for the 3rd ring.
•2 points for the 4th ring.
•1 point for the 5th ring.
•The killshot (2 blue balls) are 3" inches in diameter and positioned inside the 1 point ring. 10 points for the kill shot on the tenth and final throw of the match.

Notice the green dots above the circles? They're called the Clutch. Like calling a pocket in a game of pool, players must announce they are aiming for Clutch before throwing (and only on the last throw in each round). If your axe sticks between the dots, you earn 7 points! The provided axes all meet World Axe Throwing League standards in weight, size, and length.